Jeremy Goldstein on the Fading Practice of Incentives

In today’s economic climate within the corporate world, there is currently an ongoing debate regarding the changing protocol on employee incentives within major companies. Jeremy Goldstein, one of the nation’s top lawyers regarding corporate governance, is the head of his own firm in New York City, and after a productive career that has grown significantly over the last ten years, he has decided to weigh in on one of the most hotly debated topics in the corporate world. Companies often utilize EPS, or Earnings per Share, as an incentive for their employees, and even though Earnings per Share are generally regarded as a positive for most corporations due to the fact that they heavily influence shareholders, the competition found on the stock market also makes it an object of debate because of the way this type of incentive can be manipulated to increase stock value. The latest studies have revealed that companies that utilize Earnings per Share show an increase success rate over the short term, yet there are still many detractors. Many of the opponents of Earnings per Share incentive programs believe that along with the fact that it may create an unfair advantage, it may also create a culture of favoritism amongst employees, seriously damaging the overall morale. Because many of the naysayers only connect Earnings per Share incentive programs with short-term progress for a company, Jeremy Goldstein recommends a compromise that will allow this particular type of incentive to stay in play, while also satisfying a corporation’s long-term outlook. By holding the top executives responsible for their actions, companies can be ensured that they will implement a trend of growth that is long-term, sustainable, and repeatable.

Today, Jeremy Goldstein practices in New York City and has been mentioned as one of the top lawyers in the United States regarding executive compensation, having been mentioned in several notable directories, including the Legal 500, as well as Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. Aside from heading Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC, he regularly contributes articles regarding his field of law, and he also donates regularly to a number of charities, including Fountain House, where he operates on the board of directors. Prior to entering into law, he attended Cornell University and New York University School of Law. He attended graduate school at The University of Chicago.


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