Doe Deere: the Woman Behind the Beautiful Lime Crime Colors

If you need magical unicorn makeup, look to farther than Lime Crime makeup. This brand of make up produces some of the most colorful options around in the beauty industry. They sell everything you need to achieve a fully uniquely you style. The company’s products are varied among lip, eyes, face, hair, nails, and brushes products. Doe Deere is the owner of the company. Her success story is as inspirational as Doe Deere is colorful.


Doe Deere evidently uses her own products based on her brightly colored appearance. She keeps her hair tresses colorful and bright, and her makeup bold and memorable. Doe Deere is always on the lookout for new colors to add to her make up brand that she Who is the woman behind the color for the exterior.


Doe Deere is originally from Russia. She came to United States when she was 17 years old. She first moved to New York when she moved to United States. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Ever since she was little she has been an ambitious and creative person. She’s always been aware of how to market her skills or products she was trying to sell. During the time when she lived in Russia she sold novelty temporary tattoos when she was 13 years old. As a young woman she was in a band and she learned how to market shows and music from that experience. Her personality traits and life experiences assisted her in starting her business. Her husband has also helped her make the Lime Crime brand become what it is today. Her husband was in a band with her, so they know how to work well together.


Doe Deere advises anyone who is trying to start a business of their own to figure out their strengths and use them. Her other advice is to stick with products or services you are passionate about. Doe Deere is passionate about make up and about finding new colors. Doe Deere and her interest in her products is largely the reason why Lime Crime has done so well over the last nine years. Doe Deere believes that make up fashion and our hair permits people to create themselves to be what they want to be. This is how she markets Lime Crime products.


You can keep up to date on Doe Deere and recent product releases from Lime Crime on her social media pages and the brand’s website. She is on Instagram as @DoeDeere. Lime Crime makeup is on Instagram as @limecrimemakeup.

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