Stream: Understanding Woman Power

This year Stream held its annual Women of Power Retreat in Early November. It was hosted in Dallas Texas and was the fourth retreat sponsored by Stream. As was the case with all of the preceding get-togethers it was an overwhelming success.


What is the Women of Power Retreat About?

Launched in 2010 the Women of Power is dedicated to empowering women who are building their businesses ( They provide encouragement and knowledge to all female executives in the business world, but more impressive is that they offer to mentor for all associates looking to take their business to greater financial success.


What Workshops Did They Offer?

They had workshops focused on:

Confidence Building

Skill Honing

“How To Be Your Own Boss”


Shine Bright

This year the theme of the retreat was dedicated and entitled “Shine.” Shine was the brainchild of Stream co-founder and Chief Financial Officer Renée Hornbaker ( She stressed the importance of being confident in yourself. “..that practice can inspire others to do the same.” – Renée Hornbaker


Who Were The Speakers Addressing the Crowd?

There were illustrious speakers from all walks of life including Karen Leland, Melissa Marks Garner, and best selling author Nicole Lapin.


The Aftermath

Participants of Stream report seeing growth in their business due to Streams information and resources.

The Director of Streams Chelsey Berend said Stream attendees,”Those who attended the retreat this weekend walked away with a whole new set of valuable skills.”


Who Is Stream?

Launched in 2005, Stream is a premier direct selling entity and supplier of connected life services. Although they were Based out of Dallas they were providing energy services throughout New York, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Illinois.


The Secret To Their Success

Directly selling was the key to Streams success as the company use this method to generate over 8 billion dollars in 12 years. This allowed them to become top-shelf among its competitors in the global market.


What Services Does Stream Provide?

*Energy Services

*Wireless Services

*Protective Services

*Home Services


As Stream Energy heads into the future, I’m curious to see how this brand grows on its way to becoming an icon.