Jorge Moll is a talented businessman, a researcher, a proprietor, a neuroscientist and the CEO of the Institute for Research and Education, the most prominent hospital group in Brazil. Jorge is also a primary advocate for technology use in the health sector. He advocated for modern methodologies in the health sector which made operations efficient and improved the system. One of his recent contributions is that he advocated for Sutter Health’s Google glass use, a tool that not only allows the doctors and patients to communicate with ease, promote efficiency in the health operations, but also saves time and ensures that the health checks are safe and effective. Jorge Moll further advocated for other technologically advanced techniques in the Brazilian health sector that directed the entire system to a more improved service thus increased productivity.


Jorge Moll, the neuroscientist, is also a student studying altruism and affiliated feelings. He believes that these emotions are what makes human beings and allow positive interactions and interrelationships, despite the fact that they do not belong to the same family. Jorge assets that the human interrelationships associate with behavior, social concepts, emotions and the neurological processes. His findings from the several types of research he conducted together with other international researchers were published in reputable magazines. Jorge Moll advices individuals to keep on performing good deeds as they make their consciences happy which in turn is radiated by the health system. Jorge is also a lecture, and he gives talks regarding the health system in Brazil.


Jorge Moll, the exceptional entrepreneur, and cardiologist is also the founder of a health diagnostic laboratory in the year 1977, which he later transformed into Brazil’s most significant laboratory and hospital operators. He owns over 25 hospitals in the country ( Jorge Moll derives success from the vast experience he has as a debate moderator and a motivational speaker. His ideas have vastly shaped the health sector and improved the health management policies which ensure that patients are free from any form of exploitation. Jorge Moll is indeed a technology wonk that shaped the healthcare system to become more effective and productive.