Glen Wakeman, the Inspiration of Every Entrepreneur

Current budding business individuals and entrepreneurs can learn solid business practices from Glen Wakeman and use it as the stellar path to endless success. As a founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, his firm offers a software process that allows new entrepreneurs plant their innovative ideas into practical plans and strategies. Wakeman’s path to success began in his college days where he earned his degrees and put effort which made them work in the entrepreneurial world. From his position as a leader in the finance department, he is uniquely knowledgeable and qualified to offer exceptional mentorship and guidance to upcoming entrepreneurs. The primary trait among all entrepreneurs is the desire to seek efficient mentorship service, and thus Glen aids them to achieve their goals and objectives and identify their potential capabilities and make them practical.


Glens Launchpad toolkit gives guidance to entrepreneurs and aids them during formation of new companies as it has tips developed from experience and the links to significant capital providers and advisors. Glen’s central guiding aspect of his profession of giving help to entrepreneurs is his deep understanding that business connections make a huge difference and determines if an entrepreneur obtains funds or not. Understanding business links can, therefore, have a critical aspect when improving or starting a business and it determines whether clients show up and thus further determines failure or success ( Wakeman realized and understood his profession preferences at a young age and therefore choose to pursue his undergraduate degree in the Economics and finale at the University of Scranton.


Glen identified his niche and advanced via various business development positions, and along the way, he established philosophy (YouTube). The philosophy allowed him to persevere through problems and this further aided him to achieve a higher client satisfaction which guarantees success. In his role in GE capitals, he gained international recognition, and he has a highly successful executive profession. He became an expert in regional business management, operations, technology and general business administration. Glen practiced visionary commitment and leadership to business social responsibilities, and this earned him an excellent reputation as an entrepreneur who yields valuable mentorship to companies which resulted in their success.