Talos Energy Launches Offshore Oil Exploration in Mexico

Talos energy is a private oil and gas exploration and drilling company based in the Gulf Coast of Mexico. They are involved in acquiring of assets, asset optimization, exploration, and exploitation. They have over 33,000 square miles square miles of 3D seismic data covering all the acreage in their portfolio. The technical team has processed the data to allow optimization of drilling inventory and evaluate joint venture opportunities. Such as joint venture opportunity is the pact made with and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas.

Talos energy operates in different areas with vast time spent on Gulf of Mexico and Lower Gulf Coasts of Louisiana region. There has been the development of drilling technique, geophysical technology, and well control. This has led to a significant increase in exploration, development, and drilling in the said areas.

With their extensive technical experience and the developments in technology, they can excel in oil and gas industry. They maintain an independent spirit and entrepreneurship to succeed. The foundations and fundamentals of handwork have given them a competitive edge in the industry.

For almost a century, it is the first time that a private company has sunk an offshore oil well in the Mexican waters. This was after Mexico decided to allow competitors into the energy market. This exploration will be keenly watched considering that it is the first exploration since Mexico opened its waters as part of the energy reforms. The structure is said to have high geological chances of success. Talos energy which has 35% stake in the oil operator. Sierra holds 40% and Premier holds25%.

The government has since adopted to liberalize the energy market after it was nationalized in 1938.This is expected to see the Mexico ailing energy sector see the light. Different companies such as Talos energy will provide the much-needed expertise and capital to the oil and gas exploration in the

Mexico offshore wells. For now, the activities are looking optimistic with the reports choosing high chances of success. Other companies such as Sierra and Premier are making joint ventures to share resources and increase the speed of exploration and drilling.