The Winning Strategies of Fabletics Prove to be Most Significant for all Online Brands

Fabletics was creating a phenomenal success in activewear industry and considered to be a prototype for all the growing online brands. It has received wider success across various regions by reflecting the needs of the young, energetic, and fitness-oriented women. What made a brand that started in 2013 to become enormously successful? The answer is simple, Fabletics used the technology and offered solutions to the pain areas of customers, by understanding their changed priorities. The most significant among them are efficiently using the power of the crowd. It means that it used customer reviews for both customer retention and new customer addition.


A number of changing customer behavior patterns to be noted here. It is found that people believe the online reviews about a product similar to a personal recommendation. A BrightLocal survey showed that 84% customers accept the reviews and make a purchase decision based on that. It is also revealed that the advertisement campaigns of the brands are at an all-time low, and go for credible reviews before purchasing the products. Another survey revealed that as many as one in every two customers looks for online reviews of products at least once in a month. Interestingly, the numbers are increasing at a staggering rate of 23% year-over-year and confirming that majority of them read the reviews regularly.


It is also identified that with more genuine and authentic reviews, businesses can make a big jump in their revenue and income. Few recent studies also have shown that positive reviews create greater impacts on the ranking of businesses in search engines. Search engines such as Google give prominence to review rating in the search results of the business, and that has the power to get the attention of the customers along with the increased business. BrightLocal also found that around 75% of the customers decide on product purchase after seeing the reviews on the product page. Including reviews on the page of the product can increase the sales by 17%.


Fabletics understood the logic behind the change completely and gave greater importance to crowdsourced customer reviews. Due to the changing focus on reviews, crowdsourced review sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, and more have registered more of 25 million reviews on their websites, per the latest information. Fabletics could add more than 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot as of today, and its average rating stands at 8.2 TrustScore. Per the latest information, Fabletics is making efforts to improve the review experience to the customers with more reviews.


The athleisure brand is also known for introducing latest technology developments into its operations to ensure the best customer experience. It uses data as the key and focuses on personalized products and purchase experience from its online as well as offline stores. For offering products of customers’ choice, the firm has plotted a Lifestyle Quiz for its customers. It means that people can complete the quiz with a number of questionnaires based on their fashion preferences, physical conditions, the locality where they live, and more. This helps the brand to design individualized products based on customer preferences. Fabletics asks every fitness-oriented young minds to fill up Lifestyle Quiz and get products of their choice.