Optimize and Actualize Potential in New York State
AGATE and a distinguished group of New York State educators and experts on giftedness worked together to generate an Executive Summary. New York State will need innovative, well educated, and competitive citizens to maintain our state’s competitiveness for the remainder of the 21st century. We propose six recommendations related to developing the talent, skills, and interests of diverse students in New York State, including but not limited to gifted and talented, high-potential, highly capable, high-ability, twice exceptional, profoundly gifted, and those who show academic promise. Read the entire draft here: OPTIMIZE and ACTUALIZE POTENTIAL IN NEW YORK STATE

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AGATE, New York, is a non-profit organization of concerned parents, educators and advocates designed to promote the education and welfare of gifted and talented learners in New York. AGATE has been developed to:

  • Seek and make available national, state, and local resources that contribute to the education of gifted and talented
  • Develop, publish, and disseminate appropriate materials for the education of the gifted and talented
  • Sponsor and foster activities that stimulate and encourage the development of improved programming practices for the education of the gifted and talented.
  • Assume a leadership role in the establishment of statewide conferences, meetings, workshops and other appropriate gatherings for the benefit and welfare of the gifted and talented.

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